NOTE: The official official Contest Structure and Rules & Regulations for the event are published on this site and these FAQ's serve only as a quick reference. In the event there is conflicting information, the official pages will always be the authority.  Let us know on Facebook if you see a problem or have any questions.

Q: When will the Liberty Cup take place?
The Liberty Cup is a two day event being held on Saturday July 30 & Sunday July 31.

Q: Where will the Liberty Cup be held?
It will be held at the Liberty Science Center @ 222 Jersey City Blvd, Jersey City, NJ 07305

Q: What events are happening that weekend?
Liberty Cup consists of two components:
   1)  FPV Drone Race Solo Event
   2)  Freestyle Aerial Acro competition

Q: I want to compete in both the Race and Freestyle events.  Do I have to register for both separately?

Q: How do I register for either event?
Registration for either event can be found on the Registration tab of this site
FPV Drone Race Solo Event will remain open to all registrants on a First Come First Serve basis until the 100 pre-allocated spots are filled. Hurry, this event WILL sell out!
Freestyle Aerial Acro competition entrants need to submit a Video for qualification. Video Submissions will close June 30th. Submissions will be reviewed and entrants will be notified of their acceptance by mid July.

Q: What’s the Race Format?
The race will start with 100 pilots on Saturday July 30th and will finish on Sunday July 31 with 1st, 2nd & 3rd place finishers. All three will advance to the Drone Nationals being held on New York City’s Governor's Island the following week.
The Format of the Race is as Follows:
    Day 1 – 100 pilots will compete in time trials with only 24 advancing.  The remaining 24 will compete in additional time trials with only 8 advancing.
    Day 2 – The remaining 8 will compete in mixed events with only 3 advancing to US Drone Nationals.  It will be a combination of time trials, single elimination, and the traditional 3-Lap circuits (1st, 2nd and 3rd places finishers).  Points will be accumulated throughout the day.

Q: What the the freestyle format and when will this be held?
Freestyle competition will be held in the afternoon of Both Days.

Q: What are the drone requirements for the Race?
The Liberty Cup organizers believe there should be very few requirements and pilots are be free to make choices for what they consider to be the best craft for the course.

Batteries: A maximum of 4S LiPo battery may be used. HV allowed.
Video Transmitter: Raceband and no more than 250mw power output
Transponder: Pilots will have to provide their own race transponder to compete. We will be using I-Laps so an i-laps compatible FPV transponder will be required. For example:
LED’s: Its required that your drone have LEDs visible from all directions. Its recommended to have 4 LED’s on each of the 4 sides of the your drone. You will be assigned a color for each race depending on your VTX channel and those assignments will be made the day of the race.
HD Cam: The Top 25 Racers who make it to round 2 will be required to have a HD Camera mounted on their drone for the remainder of the races. GoPro/Mobius/RunCam etc.
PROPELLERS: Two different colors for front and back or left and right are encouraged, but no more than two colors of propellers may be used.

Q: Transponder you say?
Yes, we’re using the I-Lap timing system to record lap times. Please be sure your drone is equipped with an I-Lap compatible FPV Transponder, for example the one listed here:
If you need help procuring or installing a transponder please let us know immediately and we'll be happy to assist you any way we can. However, please keep in mind this is a requirement for the race. If your drone isn’t equipped with one by the time of your Tech Inspection you’ll be assigned a Did-Not-Start for that heat.

Q ...and LEDs?
Yes, in order to help Race Marshals and Officials accurately judge the events, pilots are required to mount LEDs on their drones. LEDs must be clearly visible from all directions, including above and below, and will be evaluated at Tech Inspection. The more LEDs the better. Your aircraft may be denied use if they are deemed to not meet the requirements.Your LED Race Color (R, G, B or Y) will be assigned to you at check-in based on the VTX channel you’re assigned. Because of this we suggest using Multi-Color LEDs with Dip Switch controls, for example the Matek panel linked below.  Emergency replacement LEDs may be available on-site, but because every craft is different please ensure your equipment  is sufficient.

Q: Whats this about Propellers?
In order to help both local spectators and TV/online viewers be able to better see and to keep track of pilots, in addition to the LEDs, all pilots are required to select a propeller color combination and to stick to their selected color combination throughout the event. Two different colors for front and back or left and right are encouraged, but no more than two colors of propellers may be used.

Q: Do need to be an AMA member to compete?
Yes, we’ll need your member id prior to racing.
If you are not already a member, you should be anyway!
Please register here:

Q: Does my drone need to be registered with the FAA?
Yes, we’ll need your  ‘N-Number’ prior to racing. Your N-Number must also be visibly noted on your drone.
If you haven't done so already, you can easily register here:

Q: Is there going to be a practice day?
YES! We will have the Stage 1 Track setup open for practice starting at around 2pm on Friday July 29th! Come by and get a feel for the couse!

Q: How many pilots will qualify out of this event for the drone nationals?
Three (3) of the solo pilots and one (1) freestyle pilot will go on to compete at US Drone Nationals happening the following week on New York City’s Governor's Island.

Q: What does my registration fee entitle me to?
In addition to the events you register for, your registration also entitles you to access to the Liberty Science Center for the entirety of the race weekend( July 29 & 31st)

Q: Are spectators welcome?
Absolutely! Spectators are encouraged! Because this event will be held at the Liberty Science Center all visitors to the center are welcomed and encouraged to watch.